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Mitecni.co National Systems Company S.A.S. informs its users, collaborators and suppliers:
In compliance with the provisions of Decree 1377 of 2013, we inform our users, collaborators and suppliers that there is a personal database owned by Mitecni.co Compañía Nacional de Sistemas S.A.S. for commercial and promotional purposes that has the necessary security measures and treatment policies that are published on www.mitecni.co. To make use of the rights that assist you as the owner, you can send a communication to the Treatment Manager of Mitecni.co Compañía Nacional de Sistemas S.A.S. in our office at Calle 16 #19-48 Of. 2907 in Bucaramanga (Santander), enter our website www.mitecni.co or contact our hotline +1-786-209-0303.

If after 30 days from this communication, you have not contacted us, Mitecni.co Compañía Nacional de Sistemas S.A.S. As the owner of the database, you may continue to process your data for commercial and promotional purposes.

We thank you once again for the trust you have placed in us and we hope to continue working motivated to offer you the best service.


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